Banelec take on new Graduate

Banelec have just taken on a graduate from Aston University. Amrit Grewal has just completed his Master level studies in Wireless Communications and Networking.

His interests and experience lie in system designs and remote monitoring devices. His areas of specialism include; IoT devices, PCB Design, electrical and analogue design. 

He is excited to apply and develop his skills in relation to the hazardous area market and explosion proof control panels. Amrit said, “Having developed the necessary skills within Engineering design, I felt it would be a fantastic opportunity to both develop those skills in new dimensions and contribute towards the challenging solutions required ensuring the highest reward of job satisfaction.”

He is looking forward to advancing his knowledge with the company and learning from our Managing Director Dean Banner.

After completing his first full week with Banelec he is confident he is going to have a rewarding future with the company, saying; “I can see this providing me with a great set of skills from project management to developing customer relations and aiming to deliver efficient and effective solutions to the consumer.”

Some interesting facts about the graduate… During Amrit’s time at secondary school he achieved a gold medal in Discus at the Country Championships and won “The King’s Apprentice” generating £245 for charity.